New build water feature, Stonehouse

This is another project alongside MF Walling.  We’ve been the resident Wallers for this particular estate near Stonehouse for a few years now, and over the years there has been plenty to keep us busy.  However this is by far our grandest project there to date.  The photo shows the finished article that started out life as a scribbling on a napkin by the owner.

The idea was to create a lovely calm and tranquil space that would replace a set of ugly concrete stairs that led to nowhere up the garden behind where the water feature sits now. In order to make it in keeping with the rest of the property it was important to make sure it looked like it had been there for the odd century.  Therefore we had to build it with entirely reclaimed stone.

As you can see from the following photos the Cotswold stone was lime cemented onto block work.  The reason for this is both to lower costs and, due to the sheer amount of earth being retained by the wall, for strength purposes.